Glee fanfiction rachel and mike dating

glee fanfiction rachel and mike dating

How did the glee club react to the news that Rachel had cancer?

The glee club looked at each other in shock, both at the fact Rachel had cancer, and that she was right she did deserve for them to be her friend all the time not just when they were feeling guilty. Mike got to his feet and looked down at the sitting glee club including Mr Schuester and glared at them just take a minute and think about it.

What did Mike do to Rachel?

Mike caught Rachel as she was ducking into the auditorium and followed her in as she climbed onto the stage, moving to take her back into his arms he held her close to his body and before she could say anything he kissed her firmly on the lips. No... No Rachel protested pulling away youre only doing this because I have cancer she complained

How did Rachel feel about her fathers behaviour?

Rachel you need to address this as an adult Caleb insisted your treatment needs to begin straight away Rachel ignored him as he and his husband Aaron continued to talk at her, she usually never felt angry at her fathers and their behaviour, accepting their faults and flaws, knowing she had just as many if not more.

What did Rachel say about Krunk club in Glee?

When Mercedes suggested that the glee club sing more songs by Black artists, and Rachel responded, Its glee club, not krunk club. my room mates and i have a social distancing game where we watch glee and drink every time it’s deeply offensive #foryoupage #fyp

What was Rachel Berrys attitude like in Glee?

In Foxs hit musical series Glee, Rachel Berry was certainly one of the most loved and hated characters of the show. She was extremely talented and had major dreams of making it to Broadway and becoming the next Barbara Streisand. Though her dreams were big her attitude was also a huge thing about her that she wasnt afraid to show off.

What happened to Rachel and Shelbys relationship onGlee?

After Rachel finally meets her birth mother, Shelby Corcoran in season one, who just so happens to be the coach of her Glee clubs biggest rival Vocal Adrenaline they seemed to have a couple of problems at first just before their relationship starts to look up.

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