Dating grumman canoe

dating grumman canoe

How old is a 17 inch Grumman alum canoe?

Canoe For Sale: 17 Grumman double-ended alum. canoe: Classic front & rear Air/Storage Chamber design is a real rare find (mfg. from 1945-1952). Excellent condition for age with minor denting on bottom - only 2 owners and used very little.

Are used Grumman canoes worth buying?

Used Grumman or other aluminum canoes are good low-risk purchases. If you are looking for a basic canoe to get from A to B or to leave at the hunt camp, you’ll find Grummans for low prices. As they are so durable, unless they’ve suffered catastrophic damage, it will still probably be fine to paddle even if they’ve been neglected for a while.

What is the serial number on a Grumman canoe?

Its serial number is 32685-G-5-17. My husband and I just purchased an aluminum Grumman canoe with a tag identifying the Grumman Aircraft Corp. as the manufacturer, at Bethpage Long Island manufacturing plant. Since it was manufactured prior to the 70s, the serial number does not comport with the usual pattern of an HIN.

Who invented the aluminum canoe?

In 1944, Grumman Aircraft Engineering’s Vice President, William Hoffman, conceived the idea to build an aluminum canoe with the same technology Grumman had been using for their aircraft. Presumably, this idea emerged after slogging a waterlogged wood-canvas canoe through the Adirondacks, as aluminum construction lightened the load significantly.

When did the Grumman 17 inch aluminum canoe come out?

VINTAGE GRUMMAN AIRCRAFT ENG. CORP 17 ALUMINUM CANOE Description: This canoe that was in storage for many. Many years. Made in the 1940s-50s before Grumman split the boats division away from the Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp. They were never made better than when the Aircraft Group was in control.

What size Grumman canoe do you use?

We used 15 foot and 17-foot Grummans and Aero-Craft aluminum canoes. The 17 -foot Grumman was the superior craft for numerous reasons. It tracked well on big lakes thanks to the keel. But it was a decent river canoe as well.

How much does a 17 foot aluminum canoe cost?

This Grumman 17 foot aluminum canoe is for sale for $450 and is available for local pick up only in Greenwich. Connecticut only at a scheduled time within 4 days of date of sale.

How big is a 17 foot Grumman sailing rig?

Grumman 17 Canoe and Sailing Rig, Complete!! OK you Grumman Sailing canoe fans. Here is a barn-fresh super clean Grumman 17 footer WITH sail kit. Specs as follows: 17 foot standard Grumman canoe- 85 lbs, 203 1/2 inches long, 36 5/8 beam, 13 1/8 center depth, 8 ribs, rated to carry 4 150lb ppl. or 860 lbs of persons, motor and gear.

Why choose an aluminum canoe?

When World War II ended, an American manufacturer of fighter jets needed to land new business. The factory employed the same stretched aluminum process used for shaping aircraft wings and came up with an aluminum canoe. The aluminum canoe is designed for a peaceful day at the lake. Among water craft, the aluminum canoe is the strong silent type.

What is the history of canoeing?

John MacGregor popularized canoeing through his books, and in 1866 founded the Royal Canoe Club in London and in 1880 the American Canoe Association. The Canadian Canoe Association was founded in 1900, and the British Canoe Union in 1936.

Does Grumman still make aluminum canoes?

They aren’t front and center at paddle shops, but aluminum canoes are still around. Many of the original aluminum canoe manufacturers like Grumman, Michicraft, Meyers and Sportspal are still making canoes. Does Grumman still make canoes? The Grumman canoe is still made, under the parent company Marathon Boats.

What materials are used to build a canoe?

My personal canoe convoy mirrored the development of synthetic materials — fiberglass, aluminum, Royalex, and multiple boats of Kevlar — that have been used in the construction of the ubiquitous craft since World War II.

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