Stoma dating uk

stoma dating uk

Can I wear lingerie with a stoma?

Women may wish to wear lingerie and there are several companies that make a variety of underwear styles for women living with a stoma. Some women may experience loss of sensation, pain or dryness following some types of surgery. This can be helped with the use of lubricants, change of position and avoiding deep penetration.

Is there a dating site for people with ostomy?

Welcome to OstoDate, the worlds first Ostomy and Crohns dating site. Started in 2005 OstoDate has grown into much more than providing romantic connections for people suffering from Crohns. OstoDate has evolved into a fully featured social network providing endless possibilities in not just love but frienship.

What can I expect after a stoma is removed?

This can be helped with the use of lubricants, change of position and avoiding deep penetration. If you experience difficulties, your Stoma Care Nurse will be able to offer advice. In some cases this type of surgery involves the removal of the womb and part of the vaginal wall. You may experience loss of sensation, pain or dryness.

How can I get pregnant after a stoma surgery?

You should speak to your doctor regarding contraception if you require it, as it is still possible to conceive following stoma surgery. If you do want to become pregnant, please speak to your Consultant or GP as they are best placed to advise you.

What should I wear if I have a stoma?

There are specialist stoma underwear, swimwear and clothing companies that produce clothing for people with stomas but this is not necessary to purchase or wear – your usual clothing should be suitable. If you wish to buy new clothing because your size or body shape has changed, high street stores have a variety of styles and trends to suit.

Can I wear a swimsuit with a stoma pouch?

Bear in mind that one piece swimsuits, particularly those with busy patterns, are best for disguising stoma pouches if this is something that concerns you. Wearing a tight garment under your swimsuit can help to hold your pouch in place. Ready to join SecuriCare?

Do you wear a waistband with a stoma?

I simply wear stoma/pregnancy waistbands which simply stop the rub of my trousers on my stoma but still let the stoma free. I find that works much better and I only wear my stoma guard (uk version) when I play football now to protect from direct contact with the ball or players.

Are stoma guards necessary for ostomy?

None of these are necessary for an ostomate, but they can improve your quality of life. If you have a stoma that’s at or near your belt line, you might find that a stoma guard can come in handy with certain outfits.

Can a woman with an ostomy have a normal pregnancy?

There is no simple answer. A lot depends on the reason for the ostomy surgery in the first place. Some surgery and possible scar tissue can reduce the likely hood of getting pregnant. Make sure you discuss it in detail with your surgeon. Women with ostomies live normal active lives.

Is it safe to have a baby with a stoma?

A stoma also shouldnt prevent you from having a successful pregnancy and birth, although it is wise to wait a while after surgery and seek medical advice before attempting to conceive. Your stoma might protrude more than usual during pregnancy, but they tend to revert to normal size afterwards.

How will the stoma work during pregnancy?

In many cases, the stoma continues to work just how it should all the way through pregnancy. Remember that your body is going through a number of changes which might require extra fluids, so be prepared to up your fluid intake to balance this out.

Are there any pregnancy questions to ask if I have a stoma?

The vast majority of women with stomas breeze through their pregnancies with no issues whatsoever, however, visiting a medical expert will give you the opportunity to ask any questions and discuss what sort of things to expect during your pregnancy. Is my pouch going to be affected as my tummy gets bigger?

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